Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving is approaching

I'm frying a turkey this year, I can't wait!

Oh, and I'm looking for a new job. Any suggestions for a job that pays pretty well (@$1500 a month) with a pretty flexible schedule would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Proposition 8

Once again, I call my fellow Americans to reject bigotry and hate. Just let people live and love, your conscience will be happier for it. I can't say it better than K.O.:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The New Struggle...

Is to, unfortunately, undo the damage to our country and our public opinion in the last 8 years and the campaign which culminated last night. I give to you a sample of a conversation I had with a friend of mine that was interjected upon by a "passer-by" (if you will):

Ali says congrats sheeple..your naked emperor is now president. God save us all. 12:18am
Jacob Pierce at 12:33am November 5
See? That's just insulting, do you really think I'd vote in a sheep-like manner? I made an informed and moral choice, to contradict what many have said tonight. I don't doubt that it happened, but I don't believe that alone could've won an election. Take it or leave it, that's the way it is, I've sat on the sidelines of 8 years of corruption and decay, progress is never wrong in my eyes. I don't think God plays any role in it whatsoever, and that's the way this country was built, to be our country, not a religion's or an ideology's to run. I believe that if we could actually stop talking past one another as a country, we could finally get a lot done on a lot of fronts, but that takes listening on both sides, not negativity and ill wishes.
Jacob Pierce at 12:33am November 5
I'm not really insulted, just wanted to spout off :)
Ali Roberts at 6:36am November 5
You may have made an informed decision but that is not the norm. Most folks I have spoken to that voted for Obama "knew not what they did". BTW what morals were you taking into consideration? I consider you an intelligent person so lets talk about this!!!
Jacob Pierce at 7:56am November 5
In completely random order, I would say that these are my moral grounds. The ability to have the option to go to a doctor without declaring bankruptcy. The means for anyone, without regard to financial status, to have the option to get a good education. To restore diplomacy as the primary avenue for the US to deal with the world instead of playing out some new ham-handed version of "Big Stick Diplomacy". Yet, I think most important, I think that everyone has the right to live their own life and make their own choices. This country is supposed to be a melting pot and we stopped melting quite a few years back. I felt that Obama was the more middle ground candidate, McCain did not bother me, Palin did. Politics influenced by religion is something that our forefathers sought to escape and we have allowed the extremes on both sides to influence way too much of our everyday lives. We were on a dangerous path to a very Orwellian America and I could never accept that for my country.
Jacob Pierce at 7:59am November 5
I ran out of room and I have to go to class, we can talk more anytime. I just hope that this actually inspires people to progress, not only socially, but mentally. In their beliefs, biases, stereotypes, and charity towards their fellow humans. Unfortunately, I've seen more Christians decrying this as the doom of America and I don't see that as the case. This nation's finest hours have been when we moved towards social progressivism and I think this could be the dawn of a new wave of that line of thinking.
Ali Roberts at 8:06am November 5
What about a Marxist America? That idea didn't bother you? Everyone has access to healthcare now. Everyone has the ability to get help with their med bills thru several medicaid programs, eventhose who already have health insurance, but Dems don't tell you about that (and I know that from first hand experience), Everyone has the opportunity to get a good education by working for it. Nothing should be just handed to anyone. I have gone to school and worked and paid my own way in the past. Right now I am in school and I was able to get Fed Aid very easily. These things are currently available but the political propaganda machines don't want you to know these option are currently available. As for "ham handed" foriegn policies..Which ones are you speaking of? If you mean Iraq, that was a conflagration decades in the making and can not be laid soley at the feet of Bush.
Ali Roberts at 8:06am November 5
BTW I still love you!
Ken Cheshire at 8:23am November 5
Morals are not opinions. Real morals come from God through the Holy Bible. Any "morals" other than those are just opinions and are usually self serving. God has EVERYTHING to do with it. Too many place their faith in what man and government can do of their own power. They have no such power. It ALL comes from God and without His guidance and wisdom, man and government are doomed to fail.

We stopped becoming a melting pot when certain groups, rather than being satisfied with equality, started demanding preferential treatment.

It sounds like our Jacob is young and does not benefit from the wisdom and knowledge that comes just from existing for many years. Obviously he's a student and is focusing more on man's books than God's.

Something can be said for listening to your elders and learning from their life experience rather than living on idealism. Life is not fair. And NOWHERE in the bible does it say it should be.
Jacob Pierce at 10:09am November 5
Ali, in response to your comments, I agree that while social programs are in place to help out certain groups, there is no universality to these programs. I'm not saying that everyone should be financially supported to go back to school unconditionally or that universal health care should be the norm. My stance is that those individuals who do not fit under those circumstances cannot compete. Health insurance should not be priced out of the range of normal working people. I have health insurance through my job, yet at a high cost to myself. If my job did not provide it, I would not have health insurance and in most states, I am past the legal threshold of income to where Grace would not be covered under said social programs either. With my strong ties to the medical field through family, I am not in favor of socialized medicine, but I am definitely in favor of insurance reform to make it accessible to those who need it. As for foreign policy, Iraq is only a caveat to the...
Jacob Pierce at 10:14am November 5
foreign relations nightmare that the Bush administration was to the rest of the world. A frontier sheriff of the world is not our place now as it never has been. Cultural relativity means that while we should be secure and vigilant in our culture, our place is not to dictate what goes on in other countries. We can recommend or advise, but not condemn unless they fail to cooperate in basic human rights. In that, we have failed repeatedly. To add to that, condemning a whole race for islamo-fascism for the actions of a few is in no way better than their actions against us through terrorist acts. It encourages xenophobia and close-mindedness that go against the founding principles of our nation.

And I love ya back! :D
Jacob Pierce at 10:21am November 5
Now, Mr. Cheshire, I have listened to my elders on many matters and have learned many lessons in my 31 years on this earth. I refute your arguments wholeheartedly. My morals are based upon my life and the life lessons handed down to me from the people who have taught and mentored me. The will to power comes exclusively from man, not from an ancient text filled with parables. I am reminded by your argument of how many atrocities have been and continue to be carried out in the name of that religious text. While parable and sermon can teach us and set us on the way of life, it is not the alpha and omega of life. By not learning and expanding on the lessons taught in the bible, which I have read repeatedly, we doom ourselves to never reach true enlightenment.

As for your melting pot comment, I fail to see the equality that you speak of. Even in my home of South Louisiana, the Cajun culture has been squelched to the point of people of my and my parents' generations not knowing their
Jacob Pierce at 10:32am November 5
culture's language because it was deemed "un-American". The purpose of studying history is to learn the lessons of the past and progress because of them. Let us not forget that throughout the South, slavery was held up as a god-given right, and we'll not even visit the atrocity of our treatment of the Native Americans in god's name. Education and opportunity are not preferential treatment. Whereas, I don't think we should all have to learn Spanish, we also should not deny someone the right or opportunity to learn English.

Where I do agree with you that the bible never states that life is fair, it does say: "So whatever you wish that men would do to you, do so to them; for this is the Law and the prophets." (Matthew 7:12 RSV) and more poignantly: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfilling of the Law." (Romans 13:9-10 RSV). Christians should keep those tenants in mind when holding up your argument.
Ken Cheshire at 10:36am November 5
You fail to see it because it not longer exists. That was my point. What I hear from you is anger, self-delusion and false hope. And if you have read the Gospel as you have stated, than you are completely responsible with if you receive it or not. And it sound like not. Therefore, probably much to your dismay and further angering, I will pray for you. Don't fool your self much longer, you worship. You don't worship God, you worship yourself and mankind. And unless you change that, you will someday have to answer for it. Truth is truth, whether you choose to believe it or not. There are not as many grey areas as you would like to believe. My God have mercy on you.
Jacob Pierce at 10:43am November 5
I appreciate your sentiment, but I do not hold anger in my heart. If it no longer exists then why is it still such a big deal that we elected an African-American and not just a man? If it no longer exists, why do we still tell the stories of history from the position of the top down and not from the masses? The gospel of your lord and savior Jesus, said nothing about maintaining the status quo and keeping the wrong in power. It preached love, compassion, understanding, and charity. I see no charity in your comments. Perhaps the anger you see in me resides in you?
Ken Cheshire at 11:20am November 5
No, not here. And frankly I don't think it is such a big deal that African-American won. It's not about race. At least not to me. But if the equality existed why wouldn't he just be considered an American? Or are you saying it was about race? And I agree, no status quo, but isn't that what many "liberals" want to do? To take from those who have worked hard and honestly for what they have and give to those who haven't? Ali made some very good observations in her earlier post.

The charity in my comments is in that Jesus became flesh and died for ALL. But that doesn't mean he died to forgive our sins so we can just do what we want. The charity in my comments is that we each have to opportunity, THROUGH CHRIST, not our own devises, to heal this society and country. The charity in my comments is that we don't need to government stepping in and doing what we should be doing as the body of Christ.
Ken Cheshire at 11:24am November 5
Sure there have been incredible sins committed in the name of God, but they were committed by man and not God. This is where we screw up every time. That is my point. Don't rely on man and government, rely on God.

Frankly, I don't think the world is going to come to an end since Obama won. And I will continue to pray for him. But the final word is God's. I don't care who's in the White House.

Things are going to be fine. Either because of or inspite of what Obama does. And our system could be so corrupt that by now no one can get it straightened out. But that's ok too. This is just a temporary stop on my way to heaven. I hope to see you there.

Jacob Pierce at 11:38am November 5
That he would be just an American is exactly my point. His race would not be significant if there were equality. As a liberal, I don't want to take anything from anyone, but as an American, I feel that everyone should pay the same share, i.e. an equal percentage of taxes on income. Being super-rich should not make you less responsible for the upkeep of the infrastructure of our country than I am.

I agree with your personal responsibility to work for charity, but I do believe that they are to be charity through our own devises. If they were to only be through the lord's name, then they would be his charity and not our own. Religion is not a substitute for charity, it should be a cog of which to help charity along. If it is not through our own devises, how can it be a truly just act? If everyone is only doing it for salvation, doesn't that take away the charitable essence of it? As far as seeing me in heaven, I would be one thing I wouldn't mind being wrong about. :)

Jacob Pierce at 11:46am November 5
We do agree on one thing, things are going to be just fine. :)
Now, I don't condemn Ali for her opinion nor views, and contrary to what he may think, neither do I condemn Mr. Cheshire's. Yet I (obviously) do disagree with them. Remember, this nation has a history, albeit a relatively recent one, of rejecting fear and intrusion with progressivism. The Great Depression and Prohibition with the New Deal, McCarthyism with the Kennedy era (or the 60's, if you will), and now the Patriot Act with Obama. Just remember, change is not always good, but progress is. Without progress, the life which we argue over so vehemently as to which way to live it, would not exist to even argue about. Close-mindedness only leads to hate, and hate is the enemy of progress.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes we can, and yes we did!

Obama '08! I'll be dancing in the streets if anyone needs me...

Gracious in defeat...

Thank you for conceding Senator McCain, unfortunately, I have little faith that your followers will heed your wishes and be as classy as you are tonight.

President Barack Hussein Obama!!!!

Yes we did!!!

My faith in my country has been reconfirmed, thank you, my fellow Americans.