Thursday, June 26, 2008

George Carlin R.I.P. You'll always be one of my heroes...

I'm the Delusional Coonass, and I approve of these messages. Much love to Mr. Carlin, one of the largest influences on my sense of humor and my outlook on life. My worldview will never again be the same without your periodic input. Personally, I will miss you as much as I would a dear family member. You really were my hero and the inspiration for much of the ideas and principles of my life. You will be truly missed in my household and family. May you meet the fate reasonable people believe in, peaceful, non-interrupted death. I'm sure you're very tired :-)

I'm annoyed

Ok, sorry to be the bleeding heart liberal, but....if this is such an issue, I don't think reverting to 19th century thinking as the gentleman from Texas has proposed. Oil? Natural gas? Really? The need for mini-flourescent lightbulbs arose from the fact that we have polluted our environment to the point that our grandchildren will be possibly be wearing gas masks to go to work. I'm so sick and god damn tired of the politics and policies of fear. Oh my dear lord! Mercury? Dear lord, no! Maybe if we accept the suggestions of this elected "representative", we can bring back asbestos and DDT! This is ridiculous, if being made in China is such a god damn problem, why don't we give an incentive to companies to stay in America? This argument is ridiculous and moot.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

McCain Lies!

I know its a big shocker that a Republican politician isn't telling the truth, but this is just ridiculous. Only because the media keeps trumpeting that McCain is some kind of "Straight talking maverick", don't make me laugh. This guy is a worse double-talker than any candidate I've seen in years.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Moving home

A lot of speculation is always made about whether I will eventually move back to my own personal cradle of civilization, Louisiana. I have fueled this talk in the past by complaining extensively about the Midwest as a whole. I have come to realize during a trip home and through a few comments by a person very special to me, that my generalizations about the Midwest are hurtful and Louisiana is no longer the Louisiana of my youth.

I hereby state that I will no longer refer to my impending move home as impending, it will now be distant or horizonish. I will no longer lump everyone from the Midwest into the same group, I will determine names for separate groups which are culturally diverse in the area. Although I will attempt to temper my posts with some cultural sensitivity, I will never discontinue my mission to make fun of everyone who aggravates me on any given day.

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I love to debate, almost as much as I love scotch...

Here's my newest time killer on the Huffington Post, stories about Katrina and people who defend the government's response:

The article I started reading was fine, the morons who commented were living up to their moron titles.

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McCain definitely voted wrong on that Hillary Clinton Bill. But it would have been nice if Barack could have donated even a dime from the $1,500,000.00 he made that year to Katrina relief. He seemed willing enough to pose in front of camera's as long as it was other people money he was voting to give.


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I believe he paid taxes on the $1,500,000.00 he made that year, which meant that he was voting for his own money as well. Unless you're privy to the donation records of millionaires, I don't think anyone but the Obama's, their accountant, and the IRS know of any donations made to the Red Cross or any other charity that supported Katrina aftermath efforts.

Its a Senator's job to vote, that's why they are our elected "representatives", we'd never get anything done if every issue was up for a popular vote. We pay taxes for exactly this reason, to help our fellow Americans, whether it be to investigate a natural disaster and the response to it, or to fight an unpopular war and poorly pay the soldiers and their families who suffer through it.

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The liberal point of view is that the Federal Government is responsible for everything. Sections of the levees in New Orleans failed during one of the worst disasters in our history. The levees were not designed for such a traumatic event. They are made of dirt and cannot withstand the pressure when the water reaches the tops of the levees and begins to erode the structure. Once the water breeches, it is all over. The only true solution is to rebuild the levees higher and stronger, and we don't need a finger pointing study to tell us that.

No one speaks in detail of the destruction in Texas, Mississippi and Alabama caused by Katrina. The state and local governments, as well as the people, reacted much more efficiently than the leaders in Louisiana. It is time for people to quit blaming the federal government for all of their problems and start taking care of themselves.

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As a native of Louisiana I disagree. When the levees are not maintained properly by a federal agency, then it is that agency's fault, not the state's. As a matter of fact, if you scroll to earlier comments, Showme54 did talk about the damage in other states, the damage in Louisiana was much more extensive. The fact that less than a month later the state was hit by Hurricane Rita helped nothing. The study was no more finger pointing than the 911 Commission or the Warren Commission were, it was a response to the fact that the truth, as it has so many times in this administration, was not made available to the American people.

As far as people taking care of themselves, what infrastructure is in place for them to do so? The city of New Orleans' main industry is service and tourism. Who goes to a 3rd world country for vacation? The city and the state have done a remarkable job with very little money in the grand scheme of things. As I am almost always reminded, non-Louisiana natives always seem to think of Louisiana as a great place to visit, but who'd ever want to live here? The people of Louisiana and New Orleans have rebounded as best they can in the post-Katrina years, and no matter what McCain or Bush says, the federal government's handling of the situation was and continues to be shameful.

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I'm quite the popular guy on message boards, mainly because I'll probably never check these again to respond to their undoubtedly furious replies to my comments. :)

On a side note: