Thursday, June 5, 2008

Moving home

A lot of speculation is always made about whether I will eventually move back to my own personal cradle of civilization, Louisiana. I have fueled this talk in the past by complaining extensively about the Midwest as a whole. I have come to realize during a trip home and through a few comments by a person very special to me, that my generalizations about the Midwest are hurtful and Louisiana is no longer the Louisiana of my youth.

I hereby state that I will no longer refer to my impending move home as impending, it will now be distant or horizonish. I will no longer lump everyone from the Midwest into the same group, I will determine names for separate groups which are culturally diverse in the area. Although I will attempt to temper my posts with some cultural sensitivity, I will never discontinue my mission to make fun of everyone who aggravates me on any given day.

I am the Delusional Coonass, and I approved this message.Photobucket

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