Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Liberal bias in the media

Um, has anyone else finally gotten tired of hearing this load of drivel. Everyone keeps bringing up the Main Stream Media's love affair with Obama, yet McCain gets a free ride on a consistent basis. I just feel like if this is going to be the accusation by Republicans, then it should be at least accurate. Of course, this would be a serious departure from any strategy they've engaged in since 1988, so I'll just keep dreaming.

By the way, here's your proof:

Study some geography! Iraq and Pakistan don't share a border...unless you count Iran!

Don't worry, there's more. Apparently, our GOP candidate had another senior moment when describing how his oh so beloved "surge" went down and saved Iraq. In all actuality, the Anbar Awakening began in September 2006 and ran until the "surge" finally got there. The Anbar Awakening was all but over by the time the Bush/McCain/Leibermann "surge" finally got there. It was unneccesarry then, and its unneccessary now. Strangely enough, the MSM "liberal" media didn't air this answer, the transcripts don't match the video. But the video's online, and on K.O.'s excellent as usual show. Thanks Olbermann!

Needless to say, I'm sick of Republicans and everyone else holding up this supposed bias. If you really don't know if there's a bias, watch the news, then watch the Daily Show with John Stewart or check the Huffington Post,, or The only way to fight tyranny in this day and age without violence is to educate yourself.

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