Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm so tired

This attitude of us versus us versus them is ridiculous. There is not a shred of common sense left in the political discourse in this country. If it isn't Glen Beck spewing crazy all over the airwaves, it is somebody biting a finger off at a town hall. I'm sick of it.

Was this the change we voted for? If so, I take it back. The change I voted for was supposed to bring this country together, not split it down the middle. Now before you think I am blaming the whole thing on Obama, do not jump to that conclusion. I blame the people who have hijacked the discourse from the fringe...on both sides. There are people calling for birth certificates, trials for Bush as a war criminal, the President is a socialist/facist/Nazi (by the way, you can't be all three), and booing people in wheelchairs at town halls.

I am worn out, and I just can't take listening to this tripe anymore. Now there's a controversy about the President broadcasting a speech to schools about studying hard and staying in school. Apparently there was a lesson plan to accompany it, and I believe that is too much, but a speech is controversy? I heard Reagan tell me that we should lower taxes (and that the Challenger blew up), then I heard Bush (the smart one who didn't fake serving in the military) tell me to stay off drugs. Am I a Republican or a rampaging capitalist? (The answer is no in case you hadn't guessed) Yet people in my area, O'Fallon, MO, are making the speech optional for students. The claim is that not everyone voted for this President and therefore he is not everyone's President is false. He is THE President of the United States of America. Get over it.

Compromise and tolerance of opposing viewpoints made the progress this country has made possible, it is time for some more of it...from both sides.

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