Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Take on the Election Day

Uh oh, politics become a bit more messy today? Although some idiot that Caribou Quitter Barbie endorsed probably won somewhere and Glenn Beck had another teargasm, I'm sure no one will lose more than the gays. That's because gay is the Black/Mexican/Asian/Italian/Irish/Muslim/Indian (pick your favorite ethnicity/religion) du jour. Since you can't pick on someone for basis of skin color/religion, then who they love and your personal hangups about it have to be the new substitute in America! This is the reason why aliens only abduct us, if they landed in peace we humans would totally treat them like we've treated every other group that has ever scared us. Time to wake up America! If you want to talk about individual liberty, then practice what you preach "teabaggers". Stay out of peoples' bedrooms and let them marry, most of them don't really care about your church ceremony, just a stable family life and security with the people they love.    

Republican, democrat, or independent no matter, we need to wake up America. Not in the way that pundits are telling you, in a way that enlightens your life and makes life better for you and others. Time to let the greediness go and start living up to some of those ideals the founders put down besides the ones that get you money or power. Get over it people, if you simply buy their line of bullshit all the time then they've won. You're thinking about what they want you to, whether you agree or not and that, my friends is control. Worse yet, it is lazy and that is ACTUALLY American.

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