Thursday, September 18, 2008

This is our "best and only choice" for Commander in Chief?

Come on! Who over the age of twelve doesn't know where Spain is? I can completely understand a normal person not knowing who Zapatero is (Spain's Prime Minister), but this is the man who says his experience with world leaders and foreign policy is what sets him apart! What a ridiculous strategem to use here. The entire country is wondering if you live in the same place that they do, and you dodder around like an autistic grandfather (no offense intended to autistic grandfathers meant) on Spanish television. Good move Senator, I'm sure the leaders of the rest of the world rest easy on the laurels of whether or not you remember who they are when you could be napping with a finger on the button of armaggedon.

Go here for the original reporting of the latest (part 800 in a seemingly unending series) political gaffe.

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