Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ummm...did anyone ever watch the Flintstones and think, "I bet this is really how they lived back then"?

Ok, for anyone who has known me for any amount of time (and especially people who knew me when I was in 2nd grade), I've known since the age of seven that dinosaurs and humans did not coexist. The Cretaceous Period ended 65 million years ago, ending the age of dinosaurs and signaling the beginning of the Cenozoic Era and the rise of the mammal as the dominant life form on earth. This is scientifically proven fact, but not according to a portion of Creationists which holds among their ranks, wait for of our two Vice Presidential candidates (its not the one who's been a U.S. Senator)! Sarah Palin apparently saw a few episodes of the Flintstones and believed it to be a History Channel special or something according to the LA Times.

Seriously, even though I thought Dino was the greatest and was continually pissed that I couldn't get a dinosaur as a pet, I, even at the age of seven, knew that it was a cartoon and not based on fact. Apparently, some members of our fine free nation missed that common sense memo.

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