Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Are you Patriotic? Apparently I'm

I'm so tired of the trend in this country of being labeled unAmerican or unpatriotic if you have the nerve to question the status quo. I've been called a Communist(untrue), a Democrat(more true), a Populist(even truer), and a Socialist(probably most true). Yet, I am unequivocally AN American. Patriotism is not the blind worship of a symbol of this country, nor is it playing Big Brother by resorting to McCarthy's tactics from the cold war (accusing anyone who disagreed with him of being a Communist). McCarthy did find a couple of Communists, but he ruined many other lives in the process (most notably J. Robert Oppenheimer, Director of the Manhattan Project, for attending a Communist Party house meeting with his brother, and then declining to join).

So, on to my point, almost everyone has seen this e-mail, or this one, or this one, or maybe this one, or finally, my personal favorite, maybe this one; all of this begs the question, why? Is different that threatening? Is this just flat-out racism? Is he some Manchurian Candidate? OH MY SWEET FELLOW AMERICANS, WAKE UP!!! George Washington never said the Pledge of Allegiance and wasn't born in America: what was he hiding? (thanks to Keith Olbermann)

There might be a few other viable questions that should be posed to our Presidential Candidates out there:

Sen. Obama, what are your ties to Tony Rezko? Sen. Clinton, why have you still not turned over your tax records? Sen. McCain, why have your views changed so much since your last Presidential Election, oops I mean since last August? What can any of these candidates do to bridge the hyper-partisan attitude of politics these days? What can we do to diminish the influence of special interests in Government? What is your actual plan for immigration, because deporting 12 million illegal aliens is logistically (and economically) impossible? How will you heal the horrible world image this country has and deal with the hostile attitude that the Middle East has towards our supposed "War on Terror (Islam)"? How will you make our economy and currency viable again? What can we do to cut our dependence on ALL fossil fuels (oil and the new/old clean fuel, coal)? What can we do to reduce our waste and pollution? What will you do to protect the rights of workers in this country? How will you improve our education system and finally give primary and secondary school teachers a salary that reflects the importance of their job? How will you re-instate the civil rights which have been stripped away in the last 8 years? How will you make it possible for average working people to go to a doctor and not declare bankruptcy? know, off the top of my head.

Instead, we see this stuff as an issue...I'm disgusted.

The article they're referring to is here.

So I'm frustrated with the supposed liberal bias in the media. Now completely unrelated, yet I am finding completely hilarious:

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