Monday, March 3, 2008

Even with a hybrid, it costs me around $35 to fill up, so I ,understandably along with many others, try to conserve fuel in anyway possible. That is why, in these times of $3+ gas prices, it always amazes me when I see the bemulletted heathens repeatedly drive their Camaros at breakneck speeds around the corner right in front of my house. I'm afraid to run the A/C in my car to conserve gas, whereas I get to listen to their gloriously loud exhausts and watch their horrible paint jobs streak by my house. I thought when I left Mississippi after that horrible year I lived there in high school, I would never have to put up with these NASCAR wannabe's again. Sadly, I was wrong. As I see streaks of multicolored fenders and primer and hear the lack of a muffler, I am reminded of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, in all of its red state glory. By the way, our President (who claims we are not in a recession, sounds suspiciously like something I remember his dad saying his last year in office), has absolutely no clue how much average people are paying for gas every day in this country.

In other news, an 8th grader was shot in the head for giving a fellow student a Valentine. By the way, he was gay and he gave the Valentine to a male classmate. Ellen DeGeneres made an emotional statement pleading for Americans to change how they react and treat homosexuals.
I agree so much, I posted it here:

What is going on with teenagers right now? Maybe, just maybe, we should limit their access to guns? I shudder to think how many guns are on my street alone (What? With all the mullets and trashy yards, are you kidding?). I'm sure they could arm their local clan rally pretty easily. Driving down my street just scares the living hell out of me, not only am I dodging Days of Thunder half the damn time, but then I see stuff like this:

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